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Paw Gem Kit

Paw Gem Kit


Do it yourself tooth gem kit

Suitable for natural tooth surface.


Kit WITH uv light, for results for up to 6 months.

What is included:

- 3 cotton rolls

- 1 Wax Applicator

- 3 micro brushes

- Tooth gem primer 1ml

- Transparent tooth glue 2ml

- 1 paw gem color of your choice

- UV curing lamp

- Instruction


The gems last a few weeks up to 6 months- it depends on how good you place and treat them.

This DIY Tooth Gem Kit contains everything to apply tooth gems and make your teeth icy!

If you want to have any other crystals, then included in the kit, there are some to choose from in our shop.

You only need a small amount of adhesive so if you add more crystals to your kit you can apply all of them!

Have fun creating something special.

Attention: Please do not remove the gems yourself by scratching them off!

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