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Strawberry Primer 🍓

Strawberry Primer 🍓


Why use our Strawberry primer? 🍓

Not only does it smell amazing, it helps moisturize and prepare the natural lashes for application. It's perfect to use on oily clients as it will remove any oils they have left on their lashes meaning your retention will increase.

For best results use after cleansing. 


How to use:

🍓 Get 2 microbrushes and put a small amount of primer on each

🍓 Use one under the lash and one on top of the lash and swipe along the natural lashes

🍓 Brush through to ensure even coverage


WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For professional use ONLY. If product gets into eyes rinse throughly with cool water. If irritation persists seek medical assistance.

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